Litigation Support

Wilcox & Fetzer offers a wide range of litigation support services.

  • Schedule depositions nationwide
  • Online secure transcript/exhibit repository
  • Trial presentation services
  • Full-Service deposition suites
  • Electronic transcript delivery
  • Compressed transcripts with word index
  • Hyperlinked exhibits (TextMap, LEF, Publisher Bundle, Min-U-Script)
  • Rough draft transcripts
  • Laptops with preloaded realtime software available
  • Certified Realtime Systems Administrator
  • LexisNexis TextMap service provider
  • Complex multi-state litigation – scheduling and coverage
  • CD/Tape transcription of all kinds (Bankruptcy Court, interviews, etc.)
  • Full-service videography and videoconferencing
  • Internet depositions via streaming of text and video
  • Exhibit books

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