Live Streaming

Now you and your entire legal team can attend live depositions or video conferences from anywhere at any time.  Wilcox & Fetzer is proud to announce its affiliation with LiveDeposition – the premier real-time web streaming solutions provider. When you schedule a deposition  with Wilcox & Fetzer, you will now have the option to add live streaming video, audio and/or text of your deposition.  Save time and money by avoiding costly travel expenses.

BEWARE: The video captured by some other competitors’ mobile streaming is not of courtroom playback quality and cannot be edited or synched with the final transcript for use at trial. Only video captured by an on-site videographer for playback at trial is usable with litigation support software.

Experience the power of Real Time Video Depositions

LiveDeposition is available through a standard web browser and through your mobile device.

If you are having trouble enabling LiveDeposition in your browser, follow this guide.


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