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Wilcox & Fetzer is a RealLegal Multimedia Provider
  • Fully self-contained executable file; no need to purchase special software to use it.
  • Provided via e-mail, diskette, or CD.
  • Both Windows and Mac compatible.
  • On-screen search capabilities.
  • Can print full-size and condensed transcripts as well as word lists.
  • Synch video with transcript.
  • Receives realtime feed from the reporter.
  • Accepts files to be imported in numerous formats, including ASCII, E-Transcript, XML and PTF from LiveNote.
  • Excellent case organization tool allowing annotations and hyperlinks to exhibits and video synchronization.
Publisher Bundle CD’s
  • All-on-one CD-ROM, depositions in E-Transcript format and scanned exhibits.
  • Use alone or import into Binder and your exhibits will be hyperlinked within the transcript.
Depostream Internet Deposition Provider
  • Internet streaming transcript.
  • No special software needed to view: all you need is an internet connection.

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