Searching Transcript Content

You can search the contents of your transcript repository for particular words or phrases. Use Repository Search to quickly search text-based documents in your entire repository or only a particular type of file and/or a particular case.

  1.  In RB Web, click Repository Search in the navigation bar.
  2. Search your repository by selecting one or more search filters in the Search Criteria pane:
    • Word(s) to search for – Enter part of a word or phrase in the field.
    • Search Type – In the drop-down, choose All of the Words to find files that contain instances of all the words you entered. Choose Any of the Words to find files that contain instances of one or more of the words you entered. Choose The exact phrase to find your selection as you typed it.
    • File Type – Limit the types of files searched by selecting a type from the drop-down. We suggest using the default of ALL for best results.  
    • Case – To find files for a specific case, enter part of the case name into the field. To find your keyword in files of any and all cases on your repository, enter %%% into the Case field.
  3. Click Search.
  4.  All files that match the search criteria appear with the search words highlighted. Click the download (arrow) button next to the file you want to view or download.


  5. If there are multiple files listed, you can download more than one at a time by checking the boxes next to the files you want to download and clicking Download checked files.
  6. To track your file viewing and downloading, click Mark as Reviewed for any files you have viewed or downloaded. The date and time replaces Mark as Reviewed. To clear tracking for any file, click the red X next to its date and time.
  7. Once you download the file(s), you can search across each file individually for the selected keyword by using the Find command (control F).

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